Wine Barrel Rack Systems

Made for more efficient picking.

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Wine Barrel Rack Systems That Allow For Quicker Picking

Not only do our barrel wine rack systems make for more efficient picking, but they also get your products off the floor

The wine keg flow system is similar to the beer keg system. The only difference is one is for beer and the other is wine. The dimensions and weights are similar. 1 Stop Rack Services can assist you with design, install and supply your Wine Keg Flow Racking System to store both 1/6th slim kegs on the bottom or lower levels of existing racking systems for quicker picking and efficiency. The bottom two beam levels are ideally suited to house 1/6th Kegs slims. This will organize all your slow movers into one designated area for ease of picking, which also frees up space for faster moving products.

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Are you considering in purchasing Wine Keg Flow Rack? there are many advantages as to why you should purchase it

  • More effective picking
  • Gets Wine Kegs off the floor
  • Frees up space for fast movers
  • Organizes slow movers and micro-brewers
  • Can Pick/load from either side of the rack
  • Store much more product in the same foot print

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