Warehouse Roof Lifting

Eliminate Your Warehouse’s Storage Limitations.


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Roof Lifting Solutions Eliminate Your Warehouse’s Storage Limitations

Don’t relocate your entire warehouse! Lifting the roof maximizes your storage capabilities, without having to move your entire operation.

Roof lifting for your warehouse may be the answer to your storage problems. If you’ve been considering relocating your facilities because you simply need more space, you should first consider lifting the roof in your existing warehouse! Moving your operations will cost an incredible amount of money. Wouldn’t you rather stay put, given the chance?

1Stop has partnered with ROOFLIFTERS to provide a clear solution to your clear height problem. ROOFLIFTERS is a contracting firm that specializes in hydraulically raising the roof of low clear height industrial and commercial buildings for as low as $15.00 / SF turnkey. By lifting the roof, owners, contractors, and corporations across North America can transform existing, functionally-obsolete buildings into modern facilities. By providing the combined services of a design-build company, general contractor, pallet racking systems integrator, and a roof-lifting contractor, we are able to maximize cost savings for our clients.

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Benefits Of Roof Lifting Solutions:

  • Convert buildings with insufficient ceiling heights into modern high out put facilities and maximize cubic space.
  • Remain at your current facility. No need for relocation. An ideal solution where the economics and logistics of relocating your operations are not feasible.
  • Faster when compared to other reconstruction methods that add cubic space.
  • Eliminate the need for additional real estate. Maintain the existing footprint of your building while increasing its capacity.
  • Reduce development and construction costs. Minimize regulations, zoning restrictions, and taxes associated with new construction.
  • Minimize disruption of your business. Downtime is significantly less as the roof can be lifted complete or in sections without completely vacating.
  • Create opportunity for adaptive reuse. Add a mezzanine or second floor or convert warehouses into office or retail facilities.
  • Utilize the existing roof structure. There is no major demolition. The cost and environmental impact by keeping the existing roof structure, framework and services is minimal.
  • Improve marketability of existing industrial buildings. Acquire new tenants by upgrading and marketing your building with a higher clear height.


Warehouse roof lifting is much more cost-effective than rebuilding or moving your operations. If your facility is cramped due to a lack of clear height, Call 1Stop Rack Services today at 855-748-9338! Our experienced team is fully equipped to maximize your warehouse’s storage space.