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Warehouse Racking Inspection of your Peoria Arizona warehouse facility – Make safety number one, call 1-Stop

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In Peoria, and beyond, allow 1-Stop to conduct your warehouse racking inspection and rest easy knowing your racking system has been thoroughly checked for potential dangers!

Offering warehouse racking inspections to Peoria AZ industrial centers – and throughout the state, count on 1-Stop for a superior inspection experience. Our thorough and precise warehouse racking inspection ensures top-notch safety in your warehouse and provides you with invaluable peace of mind knowing your racking or pallet racking system is safe and up to code.

You might be unaware of, or even simply ignoring, serious rack damage – or perhaps you’re covering up damaged frames with column protectors? Is your maintenance crew currently welding steel plates over damaged column sections? Are your forklift operators driving around on pins and needles?

If so, an independent, professional inspection of your warehouse racking system is the best way to help reduce your legal risks and keep both your industrial space and employees safe in the harsh, often unpredictable environment of most industrial use warehouses.

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Without ongoing, independent warehouse racking inspections you are putting yourself – and your employees – in danger

The benefits of having a Warehouse Racking Safety Inspection completed on an ongoing basis cannot be overstated. We perform the following in our multi-step rack audit:

  • Visual inspection for dangers and potential rack collapse.
  • Inspection of frames for low column damage like bends, crushing, pushing in or busted anchors. Most damage occurs within 24″ from the ground due to fork truck impact.
  • Analysis of horizontal and diagonal frame braces to ensure they are not broken, bent or twisted. Ensuring all frames are properly bolted to the floor.
  • Checking/inspecting beams for frontal damage or any downward force impacts, beam disengagement, load locks sticking out and missing or loose bolts.
  • Ensuring that your beams are not bowing or deflecting, a sure sign you are placing too much weight on that level. Checking to make sure there is no erosion on the beam’s end plate connector welds.
  • Examining crossbars to ensure that they are located evenly beneath the pallet load. If you are using flanged crossbars we ensure that they are screwed or bolted in. For roll-in or snap-in style, we ensure they are engaged or locked into the beam slot that keeps them in place.
  • Inspecting end-of-aisle barrier rails for any damage.
  • Checking capacity issues and if frames and beams are properly labeled per OSHA regulations.
  • What sets our Racking Safety Inspections apart?

All of our racking safety inspections come with a complete written assessment and proper documentation of any and all damages – and the delineation of those issues within a framework of importance (immediate replacement vs. standard replacement), as well as a cost and repair timetable and estimate. This gives managers and owners the ability to budget for repairs that will become necessary in the future, and take immediate action to fix imminent threats to warehouse safety.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

Preemptively strike and schedule a warehouse racking inspection with 1-stop today. Let us thoroughly inspect your racking system from top to bottom to ensure that all safety guidelines are being met, and that your employees and products are protected. Every state has warehouse safety requirements, which if interested you can reference by following this link: https://www.osha.gov/oshdir/la.html. Or you can save yourself the time and headache and reach out to 1 Stop directly; our highly skilled team is well versed in all aspects of warehouse safety, and can ensure your warehouse meets all current state safety requirements… It’s all in our name, 1 stop.

Want to learn more about how a 1Stop inspection can help keep your industrial warehouse racking and pallet racking system safe? Call today and discuss how an inspection from 1-Stop can de-risk your operations and protect lives!

Warehouse Racking Inspections for Peoria AZ Industrial Centers and Beyond…

A warehouse rack inspection in your Peoria, AZ warehouse facility is the crucial first step when it comes to ensuring safe conditions for your employees and your valuable assets. For more information regarding warehouse racking and other warehouse inspections, and how we can help your company, please contact us today for a free estimate at 855-748-9338