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1Stop Rack Services – Testimonials

Here you will find some of our latest customers and what they have to say about 1 Stop Rack Services.

1Stop was contacted by BD Bard – Liberator Medical in Stuart, FL

During the middle of October 2019 to help them consolidate two warehouses into one as they had to be out of one lease by December 31st. We reviewed the scope of work which was a challenging project to take on and meet this near impossible timeline. It would take the entire team at BD Bard – Liberator Medical working together in total harmony with the 1Stop team to make this happen. 1 Stop Material Handling went into action re-designing the existing warehouse layout and created a new designed racking layout to house all their products within a smaller footprint in 1 warehouse vs the original 2 warehouses.

We had to increase the picking slots and pallet positions, add new safety cage doors in front of some rack bays for secure product returns, relocate shelving, relocate office locations and create safe zones with barrier rails, and end of aisle barrier rails to help protect the rack from damages. We had to take down all existing rack in their old warehouse, discard all damaged or old racking components and grind down the anchors and make good to hand back to the landlord.

We were able to work seamlessly with everyone to make this happen and meet the customers deadline. We visited the site 5 times during this short time frame and our installers did an excellent job working in a challenging environment. We were able to keep the warehouse operational for the customer to continue to fulfill all their orders and keep their business moving forward during this installation.

1Stop completed this project in 5 segments and was finished with sign offs on December 30th. Everyone was very happy, and another great job completed by the 1 Stop team!

If you have any racking projects you need completed please contact us and we will be happy to provide you the same excellent service.

Thank you!

Peter Murphy
1Stop Material Handling

Tri-Eagle Sales, Ocala Florida – purchaed six, 12 Keg Units for is warehouse

Tri-Eagle Sales Ocala FL purchased 6 x 12 keg units see video testimonial from David Sandusky, VP Of Operations. We have incurred some injury’s recently and are happy to have the Kegavator Product to help reduce our insurance costs: David Sandusky

Developed Customized Rack Solution for Cramped Warehouse

“Our experience with 1 Stop Material Handling was a very pleasant one. We were looking for an intelligent racking solution for our cramped warehouse. Without delay, 1 Stop sent a representative with over 35 years of experience to our facility who was able to develop a brilliant customized solution to our very strict height and footprint constraints. Even after changing our design several times, they remained patient, available and constantly willing to do anything they could help us to make this project a reality. 1 Stop was able to beat the competitors quote by over 60%! Installation went smoothly and we are very pleased with the extra capacity of our warehouse. If you need ANY racking system and desire friendly, attentive and highly competent customer service, I can only recommend one company; 1 Stop Material Handling.

Luke Senerchia
Research and Development Engineer
Advanced Chemical Company

Accomplished Expectations and Deadlines Installing New Rack in Pick Area

Incorporated new Racking System to our Pick Area which was comprised of Structural Rack Frames, Roll-formed Beams, Wire Decking, Span-Track Case Flow and Keg Flow Rack.

“It has allowed us to organize our inventory, reduce breakage and vertically expand our warehouse. 1 Stop Material Handling met all our deadlines and was a real pleasure to work with.”

Delbert Hunt
VP of Operations
Kozol Bros

Case Study
Atlas Distributing
Please read case Study

Stop Racking Your Brain for Solutions

Your 1 Stop for Warehouse Storage


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