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Kegavator™ Testimonials

“If we prevent one injury during the lifetime use of the Kegavator, the Kegavator is free”

-Tri-Eagle Sales, Ocala Florida – purchaed six, 12 Keg Units for is warehouse

Tri-Eagle Sales Ocala FL purchased 6 x 12 keg units see video testimonial from David Sandusky, VP Of Operations. We have incurred some injury’s recently and are happy to have the Kegavator Product to help reduce our insurance costs: David Sandusky

-Steve Hollander, Executive Vice President at Hartford Distributors

“It will reduce injuries by using proper ergonomic technique, it will reduce personal fatigue and downtime (PFD), the less weight you move the less fatigued you are. Ergonomics plus economics equals profit. Additionally in today’s technique of loading the trucks; they have several varieties of beer, if they need to find a microbrew container, now they can see it on the rack, lower it off, and take it off without hunting and searching, otherwise known as the Keg Shuffle. Now they have selectivity. There is also less damage to the kegs.”

-Carl Stover, Inventor of the Kegavator

“We have had injuries handling kegs for many years. We’ve had a lot of workers’ comp. injuries and repetitive motion injuries. These kegs are so big, heavy and dangerous that it’s one of the most challenging things we do is handling the kegs. For years we have been looking for a better way to do this and we haven’t found anything until now.”

-Steve Hollander, Executive Vice President at Hartford Distributors

“I was skeptical at first because it’s something new and I wasn’t sure how it worked. I thought it would slow me down. However, it was very easy to operate. It was just as fast, if not faster, than how we usually do it and a lot safer. The way we load the kegs is tough to deal with during the day. This made the day easier and it was easy to operate which is very important to us drivers.”

-TJ, Operator at Hartford Distributors

Stop Racking Your Brain for Solutions

Your 1 Stop for Warehouse Storage


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