Structural Pallet Racking

Ensures durability and is best suited for storing heavy products.

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Our Structural Pallet Racking Systems Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

The structural pallet rack design ensures durability and is best suited for storing heavy products

Does your current rack system have a lot of frame damage? Are you looking for a more abuse-resistant type of racking? Do you need to have higher capacities to store your product?

Structural Pallet Rack is made from hot rolled structural channel steel, which provides greater quality and strength. Structural Pallet Racking Systems are durably designed for higher capacity applications and can better withstand forklift damage than a roll formed rack system.

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Structural Pallet Rack Advantages:

  • Strength – the hot rolled structural steel rack offers more strength to store higher capacity product loads, and heavier structural channels offer higher abuse resistance.
  • Rigidity – provides fully bolted beam to frame connections for a stronger and more rigid system, which also helps to safeguard against beam dislodgement from an upward impact caused by a forklift or pallet.
  • Durability – made for long lasting performance and designed to hold up better in high use applications where there are heavy loads, quick turnover, and harsh conditions.
  • Versatility – offers a wide range of sizes, designs, and load capacities. Common configurations include selective, push back, pallet flow, and drive-in applications.

Structural Pallet Rack Design Options –

Structural Frame Types:

  • Available in 3” & 4” wide channels
  • Can be designed with a Kant-Leg or Step-Back Leg
  • Can have oversized base plates, such as a 5” x 7” or 5” x 8”
  • Heavy-duty bottom horizontals
  • Welded frame reinforcements
  • Welded frame angle deflectors

Structural Beam Types:

  • Structural Bolted Beams available from 3” thru 8” channel
  • Optional Roll-formed Beams with Structural End Clips available, which offers a huge cost savings and still delivers capacities needed with bolted connections to structural frames.

Structural Pallet Rack Applications:

  • Perfect for food handling warehouses and freezers or coolers.
  • Ideal for distribution facilities with high volume activity.

Structural pallet racks can also be designed into the structure of the building itself, so that the upright columns are simultaneously used to support the roof of the storage facility, in which case the structural pallet rack uprights replace the storage building’s vertical support I-beams. This system is referred to as a rack supported building. For more information on how to use structural pallet rack in a rack supported building application, please contact one of our rack specialists at 855-748-9338.

Let 1 Stop Rack Services help facilitate the process of designing, installing, and supplying your Structural Pallet Rack System to increase durability and capacities, which will save you money in the future due to its long lasting performance. Don’t wait, contact us today so that you can improve your pallet rack strength and longevity to help keep profits climbing!

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