Site Survey & Permitting Services

Warehouse Racking Audit Services For Permit Obtainment.

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A Warehouse Racking Audit Ensures Compliance For Necessary Permits

Let us survey and audit your racking system so that we can generate the best solutions for your requirements

1 Stop Rack Services provides optimal solutions, whether we are designing a new storage system or auditing an existing one. We generate the best solutions for your requirements from the feedback gathered from our current clients.
The following customer’s details are necessary for formulating safe, high quality storage solutions:

Details about the Customer’s Product/ Load:

  • Dimensions: Maximum/Average (Height, Width, Depth, Weight)
  • Pallet Information (wood/plastic/condition)
  • Details about the Warehouse Location (city, state, country)
  • Facility layout: CAD Drawing (if, available)
  • Location/condition of all aspects of the building:
    • Building columns
    • Dock Doors
    • Clear Height
    • Floor (level, psi spec., obstructions)

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Details about the Rotation of the Product:

  • Flow of product through the warehouse (including the duration of storage);
  • Information about the bulk material used in manufacturing or a finished product;
  • Number of pallet positions required;
  • Time sensitive first in, first out (FIFO) -or- first in, last out (FILO);
  • Static Selective Storage (Selective Pallet Rack, Cantilever Rack), Dynamic Storage (Pallet Flow, Push Back, Carton Flow) and Static Dense Storage (Drive-In/Drive-Through).

Details about the Fork Truck(s):

  • Capabilities (lift height, lift capacity, turning radius)
  • Aisle requirement(s).


1 Stop Rack Services can assist in the permitting and approval of storage rack systems. 1 Stop can provide Signed & Sealed Seismic Calculation drawings, which is most cases is required in order to obtain permits. We have extensive nationwide experience in obtaining approved permits for erecting storage rack systems. We are proud to share our knowledge in the field with you by:

  • Designing storage rack systems to applicable seismic code compliance.
  • Working as a liaison with our customers, local city permitting and fire officials pertaining to the facility.
  • Insisting that standard permitting requirements are adhered to, due to the potential of jobsite shutdown.