Signed and Sealed Calculations

Warehouse Storage Compliance Assistance For Obtaining Permits.

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We Provide Warehouse Compliance Documents, Including Signed and Sealed Calculations

Warehouse permits are necessary when it comes to city inspections—avoid having to redesign your rack system by letting us assist you

A word of advice do not cut costs in this area. 1 Stop always advises its customer to obtain permits for each rack project which requires completing engineered Signed and Sealed Calculations. We recommend all our customers to do this in order to protect them at a later date of being subject to inspections by the city and not having the Permits and signed drawings completed and signed by an engineer of record to protect them down the road. Cities have been known years later to make customers redesign their racking system to meet current code and this is an expensive and horrible position for any customer to be placed in.

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You may say what is all the fuss over. Well let’s take a real life situation. A customer decided that these signed and sealed calculations were not necessary and it was not worth spending the extra money, which was many years ago. Now many years later, the city decided to visit this large warehouse on a totally different matter but while walking around the inspector asked for the signed and sealed drawings of the rack system which should have been approved by the city. Well they did not have them and guess what happened.

Yes the inspector told them to get signed and sealed calculations completed immediately. The customer then called us to perform this function and after 3 months of site visits, testing the yield of steel, making several design changes and installing a lot of extra steel as most of this system did not meet the current codes at a cost of approx. $100,000. This could have been avoided if the customer had spent the $5,000 originally and had the drawings done it would have been grandfathered and they would have been protected from this extra expense and inconvenience. Our job at 1 Stop is to protect our customers from the above and we will always advise them on the best options available.