Roll Formed Pallet Racks

Ideal for storing lighter weight items in commercial and industrial spaces.

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Our Roll Formed Pallet Rack Systems Allow You To Maximize Storage Space In a Cost-Effective Manner

Roll formed pallet racking is ideal for storing lighter weight items in commercial and industrial spaces

Roll Formed Pallet Rack systems can offer cost-effective storage solutions for your warehouse. Do you need to store light duty pallets or boxes to better organize and optimize your warehouse or backroom storage areas? Are you looking for a boltless and easy-to-assemble storage rack system? Let 1Stop design a roll formed racking system tailored to your warehouse!

Roll Formed Rack is a very cost-effective storage solution because the manufacturing process allows for the ability to use less steel. This is because there is a range of gauges to choose from in order to achieve various desired capacities. Roll Formed Pallet Racking systems are made from cold roll-formed steel. When this Roll Formed Racking is made it starts from a flat coil steel sheet, which is run through a roll forming machine to create a desired shape of a roll formed rack frame or beam. These roll formed rack components rely on the shape for its strength, while the design creates the most established, durable, and easy to install boltless storage racking system available.

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Roll Formed Pallet Rack Advantages:

  • Cost Effective – the cold roll formed steel rack is available in many different gauges and provides the ability to use less steel to meet the gauge limit and required capacity, which ultimately results in upfront cost savings.
  • Boltless – the roll formed beam pin connectors and safety locking mechanism allow for automatic engagement when the beam drops firmly into place on the roll formed upright column. There is nothing to forget or misplace, as no bolts or loose parts are required.
  • Adaptability – the easy-to-assemble roll formed rack is adaptable to handle any beam reconfigurations that may arise to accommodate new product or pallet sizes.
  • Versatility – offers an extensive range of sizes, designs, and load capacities. Widespread configurations include selective, carton flow, pallet flow, and drive-in applications.
  • Quick Ship Availability – the most common sizes are stocked and available for immediate shipment.

Roll Formed Pallet Rack Design Options –

Roll Formed Frame Types:

  • Available in 3” & 4” wide column sections
  • Open column design
  • Steel gauges available between 16 gauge through 10 gage
  • Can be designed with a Kant-leg or step-back leg
  • Can have welded column reinforcements or deflectors
  • Can provide oversized base plates, such as a 5” x 7” or 5” x 8”

Roll Formed Racking Beam Types:

  • Roll Formed Step Beams have a 1-5/8” interior step along the top inside edge, which is ideal for use with pallet supports or wire decks.
  • Roll Formed Beams available with various profile heights from 2.5” thru 6.5”.
  • Roll Formed Beams are manufactured with either 3-Pin or 4-Pin end connectors.

Roll Formed Pallet Racking Applications:

  • Perfect for retail stores, commercial, and industrial environments.
  • Ideal for back room storage areas or distribution facilities storing lighter weight products with lower fork truck interaction.

Roll Formed Pallet Rack systems can save your facility money in upfront costs due to its design and manufacturing process. Let 1 Stop Rack Services assist in the process of designing, equipping, and installing your Roll Formed Pallet Racking System to gain versatility. Don’t wait, contact us today so you can improve or expand your pallet rack storage systems to help keep costs down and profits soaring! Contact 1 Stop to have a phone consultation with one of our material handling experts at 855-748-9338!