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Need A Project Manager To Assist With Warehouse Storage Solutions?

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For warehouse pallet racking, everything from push back rack, to pallet flow racking, standard double deep pallet racking, specialized racking and storage, beverage racking, to fully automated conveyor systems and robotic warehousing integrations, as well as warehouse services including warehouse design and layout, warehouse consulting and North Americas most trusted warehouse rack inspections, you can count on the industry leaders in warehouse racking, optimization, and warehouse safety services at 1 Stop. For over 30 years providing tier one support to some of the world’s largest brands.

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Are you planning to move your warehouse location across town, across the state, or even across the country? Are you looking for experienced warehouse relocations services to assist in risk mitigation and the expediting of your move to minimize business interruption and want to contract with one of North America’s leading warehouse relocation companies, then call 1 Stop Rack Services today. We can handle the entire process for you, it’s in our name, 1 Stop!

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When it comes to hiring a warehouse relocation company, count on 1 Stop to get you across the finish line on time and within budget, all while ensuring the whole process is compliant with all local building codes. For more information on your local building codes, we have assembled information pertaining to your state and city for your review, or you can always call 1 Stop to have any questions answered.

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Having A Project Manager For Your Warehouse Racking Installation Is Crucial

With management on-site to guide the project, we can ensure that your storage system is set up properly

1 Stop Rack Services offers complete project and site management services to make sure jobs are done on time and to your specifications. Our project mangers and installers have extensive knowledge and are long standing material handling experts to ensure that every project is completed seamlessly.

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1 Stop believes in providing the following project management tasks in order to have a good installation experience:

  • Forward project planning is essential in bringing a project from start to completion smoothly and painlessly.
  • Having a Project Manager on-site is key to making sure that projects start up as planned, finish on time, on budget and meet the specification as per the drawings and customer satisfaction.
  • Very important to have regular meeting with the customers senior warehouse managers to keep them informed of progress.
  • Our team must be sensitive to working around the busy day to day activities in the customers warehouse as business must continue in many cases during the installation.
  • Take an inventory of all new product as it arrives to make sure all components are accounted for.
  • If any new product is missing during the check in process we proactively locate items or have items made right away to ensure the installation will not be affected.
  • Our project teams conform and meet all the safety standards and conform to OSHA regulations.
  • 1 Stop Material Handling is a PICS Certified Contractor.
  • 1 Stop’s experienced installation crews travel nationwide,  and also specialize in tearing down and relocating rack systems if required.