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Ensure that pick faces are always stocked.

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Pick Module Racking Systems That Increase Efficiency

We design pick modules that ensure that pick faces are always stocked

Our team works with the leading manufacturers of pallet racks, mezzanines and conveyors to design an integrated, high throughput and efficient multi-level pick module. This system uses all the benefits of “Flow” design to ensure that pick faces are always stocked.

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Multi Level Pick Module Storage Advantages:

  • Offers dynamic flexibility.
  • Product is moved from pallets or cartons to complete orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Order picking and product replenishment becomes a seamless, integrated process.
  • Opens up valuable floor space and improves overall efficiency.
  • Maximum utilization of floor space.
  • Uses gravity flow to transport product from the replenishment aisle to the pick location.

Multi Level Pick Module Storage Applications:

  • Inventory with FIFO (first in, first out) stock rotation.
  • Dense storage of multiple SKU’s.
  • High throughput warehouses.

1 Stop Rack Services’ expert in-house design teams understand that there is an endless variety of multi-level picking configurations available to meet your specifications. A combination of selective pallet rack, pallet flow, push back and carton flow systems can be used to create your ultimate storage solution. We will work with you to integrate your unique requirements into a high volume pick module solution that maximizes the space in your warehouse facility and increases the return on investment.

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