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Kozol Brothers

Kozol Brothers Located in Joliet, IL

1 Stop Material Handling won the bid to install new Racking Systems in their warehouses. We won the bid by our competitive pricing, innovative keg flow Rack design which enables us to create more storage of 1/6 Kegs over conventional flow, suggesting column protection that works, and being able to deliver the racking in a timely manner.
The customer had a very tight deadline for delivery and installation and had to be installed over a weekend. We promised delivery, started installation December 5th and was complete by December 9th, 2013. We accomplished all this and met the customer’s expectations and deadlines.

The project involved Structural Frames and Rolled Formed Step Beams, Wire Decking, Span-track Case Flow and Keg Flow Tracks.

John Chauncey our Sales Manager was on site to personally manage the project and from start to finish. John has been designing and servicing the Beverage industry for 20 years and has a vast knowledge of this business. It’s very important to check and count all component. Check for any damages as this is something that needs to be addressed immediately so that new components can be ordered immediately and not wait for the end of the job to find out these problems.

On a lighter Note: John is a resident of Florida and use to 85-degree weather, so the only part of the job that was an issue for John was that he had to work in 9 Degree weather in Chicago. These were the only complaints on this job
It is always very satisfying when a big project goes this well and there are no issues for our customer. Thanks to the team that made it all happen and a special thanks to Kozol Brothers for being a great customer to work with.

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