Keg Flow Racks

Keg racking system that fits your individual needs.

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Keg Flow Racks Designed To Amplify Warehouse Storage Capacity, Without Adding Floor Space

Let us construct a keg racking system that fits your individual needs

Keg Racks are an excellent solution for those who are looking to organize their keg storage space efficiently. Don’t look into expanding your keg cooler—instead, look into utilizing the space you already have. By getting all of your slow movers off of the floor and into a keg racking system, you can save money and avoid unnecessary construction and moving costs. Are your craft beer and microbrew inventories growing steadily and overloading your keg cooler? Is your cooler cluttered and disorganized with 1/6th and ¼ slim kegs taking up valuable floor space that could be stored and organized in a more efficient manner? Does this cooler clutter and disorganization result in lost hours because of inefficiencies with picking and storing kegs which ultimately results in lost revenues? Let 1Stop design a Keg Rack system for your warehouse!

Keg Flow Racking Systems provide an economical and cost effective way to get your beer kegs off the floor and store them on keg flow tracks without adding a single inch of new floor space. Keg Flow tracks, also referred to as keg flow lanes, can be designed to accommodate storage for all keg sizes and shapes such as; Half (1/2) Barrel Kegs, Sixth (1/6) Barrel Kegs, or Slim (1/4) Quarter Barrel Kegs. These Keg Flow systems can be incorporated into new or existing racking systems to organize any keg cooler.

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Benefits of a Keg Flow Rack:

  • Get beer kegs off the floor
  • Free up floor space for faster movers
  • More efficient order picking, resulting in dollar savings
  • Organize slow movers & microbrews
  • Can pick/load from either side of racking
  • Store much more kegs in the same footprint
  • Can store full pallets above the keg flow to replenish the keg flow system
  • Inexpensive solution to consolidate and maximize storage of your beer SKUs
  • Return on investment (ROI) results from the following: Faster and more accurate picking, speeding up of inventory counts, and cleaner and safer working environment, which ultimately cuts labor costs
  • An additional return on investment could also come from eliminating the need to build a new cooler or having to move to another location, which could become a logistics nightmare

Design Details:

  • The 1/6th and ¼ Barrel Kegs are ideally suited to be stored on the bottom 2-beam levels
  • The Half (½) Kegs are easily stored on floor-mounted tracks
  • Our innovative design offers more storage as a result of a special design we have created
  • Can design to store a mix of different kegs within the same keg flow track
  • Side Guards Rails can be added to 1/6th keg and ¼ slim keg flow tracks to keep product in line and for greater flexibility
  • A variety of end stops are available depending upon the different storage applications
  • Provide a rack system design that will accommodate storing full pallets above the keg flow tracks and gain additional pallet storage for fast movers
  • If you have an existing racking system, we can integrate a keg flow system by reutilizing part or all of your existing racking materials, depending upon the final design weights
  • Quality Keg Flow tracks with heavy duty steel rollers and metal bearings

Examples of a Keg Flow Bay:

A typical Rack Bay is usually 96” wide x 96” deep, and could store the following, as an example:

1/6th Barrel Storage – This typical 96” x 9” bay can house 80 Kegs per level x 2-Levels = (160) 1/6th Kegs.

Half (1/2) Barrel Storage – This typical 96” x 96” bay can house (30) Half Kegs per each floor- mounted level.

We can also design to any size system depending on your storage needs!

Keg Racks allow you to maximize warehouse storage space without having to relocate your operation. Let 1 Stop Rack Services help assist you in designing, installing, and supplying a keg racking system that will enhance your efficiency and provide faster picking in your keg cooler, which equals great dollar savings! Our vast experience in the beverage industry makes our team best equipped to solve poor space utilization by providing the most proficient keg rack storage systems customized to meet all of your needs. Get a free sample lane of keg flow track to test in your warehouse and find out how keg racks can improve your keg storage immediately! Get in touch with us today at 855-748-9338!