Keg Delivery Challenges

A Revolutionary Keg Delivery System.

Like these brands, you will be in great hands

The Kegavator’s™ Levelizer™ Techology Assists in Keg Unloading Through Ergonomics

Reduce your delivery drivers’ injuries, accidents and workers’ compensation claims with the Kegavator™

Ergonomics + Economics = Profit

Delivering kegs is one of the most dangerous activities within the Beer Distribution industry. The Kegavator™ protects drivers by doing all the heavy lifting for them. No longer will they have to shuffle around multiple kegs to find the correct SKU.

Repetitive motion injuries (particularly of the neck and back) will be greatly reduced. And because of this injury claims will in turn be greatly lessened. Which all leads to more profit and less hassle for your company.

By investing in the Kegavator™, you will be protecting not only kegs of beer but your employees’ health.

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