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Storage Solutions For Pharmacy Drugs and Equipment

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Pharmacy Storage Solutions That Create Space In Your Warehouse

Drugs And Pharmaceutical Equipment Have Specific Storage Requirements That 1Stop Can Accommodate

Pharmaceutical warehouse storage is in many cases is time sensitive as it requires moving product first in first out (FIFO). After all, compromised potency of drugs and equipment can influence the efficacy and safety of the products as well as losing money if not properly stored and rotated. For drugs in particular, proper storage is crucial to ensure conditions that prevent contamination and deterioration.

Effective pharmaceutical storage relies on several factors including temperature, light and humidity, sanitation, ventilation, and segregation. Every warehouse has its own demands and limitations. At 1Stop, our team has the experience and expertise necessary to understand the distinctive requirements that are involved in pharmaceuticals. We have completed pharmaceutical storage projects for some of the top companies throughout the US, and we can help you, too.

If you Move It, Stack It or Store It, We Can Help!

Your 1 Stop for Warehouse Storage

Our Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions Include:

Selective Pallet Rack

Case Flow Pick Modules

Pallet Flow Rack

Pick Modules and Conveyor

Mezzanine Storage

Value-Added Services:

  • ntegration of the best products to provide effective solutions for all locations
  • Coordination of all material shipments
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Management of the change-order process
  • Priority manufacturing schedules
  • A single, dedicated point of contact assigned to each large account

Our experience with pharmacy store is unparalleled. We have the knowledge and the capabilities to take your pharmaceutical warehouse and clean room requirements and complete your job in a way that meets the needs of your space, the requirements of your business, and the demands of your customers. Let us be your 1Stop pharmaceutical storage experts. Get in touch with us today at 855-748-9338!

Stop Racking Your Brain for Solutions

Your 1 Stop for Warehouse Storage



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