Hybrid Pallet Rack Systems

Hybrid racking alternative is both durable and cost-efficient.

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Our Hybrid Pallet Rack Systems Combine Structural and Roll Formed Components

This hybrid racking alternative is both durable and cost-efficient

What are Hybrid Pallet Rack Systems? Hybrid Pallet Rack combines Rolled Formed Rack and Structural Pallet Rack components. This hybrid combination combines the strength and durability of structural frames coupled with the cost savings of rolled formed step beams, which can ultimately generate a substantial savings while providing a hybrid storage system with greater longevity.

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Advantages of Hybrid Pallet Racking:

  • Cost Effectiveness – Has a clear price advantage over a full Structural Rack System, as hybrid rack systems can offer.
  • Impact Resistance – Structural C-Channel Frames come in different sizes of 3″ and 4″ to meet customer needs and is significantly better equipped to take a hit from a fork truck, especially if you design the frame with a column doubler up to 48″ on back of the front column or with a deflector angle welded up to 24″ on front column for added protection against damage.
  • Bolted Connection – These hybrid roll-formed beams incorporate welding a structural end plate connector onto a roll-formed beam section for bolting into a structural frame, allowing a tight beam connection.
  • 2″ Beam Connector Adjustability.
  • Roll-Formed Step Beams are strong and have a step for wire decking, cross bars, drum cradles, and many other applications, in addition to being totally enclosed which helps when storing food and other sensitive products.
  • A Roll-formed Step Beam due to its design and shape can create more capacity with far less steel.
  • This significant steel savings reduces material cost, as well as installation cost and shipping cost resulting in a remarkable racking system.

These Hybrid Rack systems can be utilized for Selective Pallet Rack, Keg Flow Rack, Case Flow Rack, and/or Pallet Flow Rack.

With a Hybrid Pallet Rack system, you get the strength you need at the price you can afford. Let 1 Stop Rack Services help facilitate the process of designing, installing, and supplying your Hybrid Pallet Racking system. Call us today to have a phone consultation with one of our material handling experts at 855-748-9338!