Drive In Racking

A system that allows for deeper pallet storage.

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Drive In Racking Systems That Multiply Storage Space

Enhance your warehouse’s capacity with a drive in rack system that allows for deeper pallet storage

Drive In Racking systems offer excellent storage solutions because they allow for maximum high density storage of like products in your warehouse. They provide greater capacity of existing cubic space, which results in lower cost of pallet per square foot. Looking for the ability to store a large amount of similar loads in a smaller area? Need to reduce space costs? Want to increase product loading lanes? Then let us design a drive in rack system for your storage space!

Drive In Pallet Racking systems offer a lower capital investment with the highest density of storage for a large number of like-product pallets. Each Drive In loading lane is equipped with supporting rails for pallets on both sides of the upright frame and are positioned at various levels. To load a Drive In Rack System, the forklift enters the loading lane with the load raised slightly above the rail level on which it is to be set down at the appropriate pallet position.

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Drive In Advantages:

  • Most cost-effective high-density storage rack
  • Excellent solution for large volume storage of like product
  • May be able to use existing forklift equipment
  • Allows for use of either roll-formed or structural rack materials
  • Forklift has straight access to product loads, allowing for deeper pallet storage
  • Drive In is a LIFO (last in, first out) storage system
  • With Drive In Rack the operator drives in and deposits the product pallet and then drives back out of the system, utilizing a common entry and exit rail

Drive In Rack Applications:

  • Perfect for product and food manufacturers with limited SKU quantities

Drive In Rack Considerations:

  • All products stored in a loading lane should have the same SKU to avoid unnecessary pallet handling
  • Inflexible, as does not allow for much SKU increase
  • Requires standardized pallet sizes
  • Challenging to rotate time sensitive products
  • Selectivity is sacrificed as only a single SKU can be stored per bay, and storage utilization tends to be lower due to honeycombing
  • Front upright columns should either be reinforced with a double column or designed with slanted cantilever front leg to help minimize rack damage from fork lift trucks driving in

Drive In Pallet Racking systems are the most complex storage systems to design, so let 1 Stop Rack Services help by providing turnkey services in designing, engineering, supplying and installing your Drive In Racking Systems to give your facility the highest density industrial storage solution achievable. Don’t wait, contact us today so you can get the “pallet” gliding and improve your pallet storage density to help keep profits gliding too! Contact 1 Stop to have a phone consultation with one of our material handling experts at 855-748-9338!