Columbus Vegetable Oils

Case Study.

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Columbus Vegetable Oils

Columbus Vegetable Oils has been servicing the food Industry with the highest quality vegetable oil since 1931.

They started doing a new process to improve their product line, and because of this new process they needed to go to a new warehouse and manufacturing facility with enough space to store approx. 2,000 pallets.

We first contacted Columbus Oils in 2012 and spoke to John Healy VP and I had a fun conversation with a fellow Irishman. We developed a relationship and when they had this opportunity 1 Stop was contacted by Paul Cochrane, Warehouse Manager. Paul indicated he was designing a large cooler to house their products. We started from the ground up and worked with Paul and his team of contractors. It was a fun project as we all got to design a cooler that gave the customer the highest density and the most utilization for their space. This meant that we designed the Racking system first and build the cooler around our system, which is the correct way to design a Racking system if you have the luxury to do so.

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Specifications After proposing several solutions, the following options were presented to our customer:

  • Push Back Rack
  • Pallet Flow Rack
  • Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack
  • Offset Cant-Leg Frame Design
  • Heavy duty bottom Horizontal Guide Rail for protection and guidance

We coached the customer to go with a combination of Structural 4 Deep x 4 High Push Back and Structural 4 Deep x 4 High Drive-In Rack for long term durability. This system allows for the flexibility they need for their slow moving products. Several visits were made for meetings with the customer during this process. The product was manufactured, delivered and installed on time. And within their budget! Permits were provided by customer.

1 Stop completed the project with another satisfied customer. We pride ourselves in building relationships, and working closely with the team and providing excellent engineered products that in all cases must meet code.