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Case Studies

Company Case Studies, all of the case studies are based on an individual basis and according the warehouse needs of the clients we have serviced.

Columbus Vegetable Oil Company

Vegetable Oils has been servicing the food Industry with the highest quality vegetable oil since 1931. They started doing a new process to improve their product line.
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Rustoleum – Hagerstown Project

Rustoleum is the leading manufacturer of premium consumer and industrial paint and coating products in the USA, with a dedicated production and warehousing facility in Hagerstown, Maryland & Attleboro.
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Kozol Brothers – Case Study

1 Stop Material Handling was the successful bidder in a New Pallet Racking System for the Pick Area in a Beer Distribution Warehouse. The system 1 Stop bid had an innovative Keg Flow Rack design which enabled the customer to store more 1/6 Kegs over a conventional flow system and space saving rack column protection to ensure that every inch of space could be utilized.
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Atlas Distributing – Case Study

We were asked by Atlas Distributing to design a Keg Flow System that safely stores 1/6, ¼ Slims and ½ Kegs, while also needing to supply a Rack System for a warehouse reset to accommodate several new Craft Beer lines to increase capacity and picking efficiency in their existing cooler without the need to rent additional space in another location.
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Advanced Chemical Company

We were contacted by Advanced Chemical to come in and evaluate their small warehouse with a low ceiling height of 168” to help optimize their pallet storage. Their storage area was about 50’ wide X 60’ long; which had an In-Plant Office, two (2) large production machines and several other small obstacles to work around.
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Designed a New Stainless Steel Mobile Levelizer 0 Lifting Station for the Food Industry

The unit was designed to accommodate loading and unloading products from food line. The unit needed to be Stainless Steel for food environment allowing for easy wash down. We went through several weeks of design and testing working with the engineering team at the customer location to be able to complete this customized unit. The customer and operators were extremely happy with the results, as it made the operators job much easier resulting in less stress and fatigue on the operator.

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