Carton Flow Rack Systems

Racking system that will maximize storage, enhance pick rates, and speed up throughput.

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Carton Flow Rack Systems Tailored To Your Warehouse’s Existing Structure

Allow us to design a carton flow racking system that will maximize storage, enhance pick rates, and speed up throughput

Our carton flow rack systems can resolve issues with stock rotation in your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center. Are your carton or case pick rates down due to excessive searching and walking to locate the correct SKU? Are cartons or cases being picked in a different area from pallet positions? You may be trying to get a handle on the most effective way to pick full or split cases or wondering what would be the best possible location for fast movers, medium movers, or slow movers. Another important thing to consider is if your employee safety and ergonomics can be improved. Your insurance premiums may go up due to injuries and claims from workers bending and reaching into racks. Let our carton flow racking systems help solve these problems!

Carton Flow Rack, also commonly referred to as Case Flow Rack, provides an excellent dynamic picking solution—gravity flow lanes that can be designed to meet the specific requirements of each facility by analyzing SKUs and throughput data. Once an SKU analysis has been completed, there is a wide variety of carton flow applications that can be utilized to maximize the number of SKUs being stored, use existing space more efficiently, and increase pick rates, all at the same time.

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The Different Carton / Case Flow Solutions:

Carton Flow for Pallet Rack –

  • Allows a warehouse to utilize a new or existing pallet rack structure for more than just pallet positions
  • Can be used with Roll-formed or Structural Steel Pallet Rack
  • Drop-in design custom configured to match your existing rack system, which provides great flexibility to install anywhere within your facility
  • Tracks can be manufactured in many different width and length sizes to fit any rack layout
  • Condensing inventory increases the number of SKUs per rack bay and helps reduce travel time between picks of up to 80%
  • Product is continuously presented at the prime pick point – at the front of the rack, which can help to eliminate bending and reaching into pallet rack
  • Spanning between rack beams allows for rear-loading of product and front-picking of product (FIFO), so SKU product replenishment does not interfere with order picking
  • Capacity is no issue, as can be designed to span up to 100 lbs. per foot

Stand-alone Carton Flow –

  • Perfect application for manufacturing, distribution, and production operations where carton flow is required but there is no existing support structure or there is no need to store full pallets above
  • Often utilized temporarily for contracts, special editions, or seasonal order volumes
  • Ideal solution for low ceiling heights and for use on mezzanines
  • Pre-configured units, which are easy to assemble and ready when facilities need them
  • Easily reconfigurable design allows for maximum flexibility to accommodate line and process changes
  • Available in Stationary or Mobile Units
  • Can support from 50 lbs. up to 100 lbs. per foot

Order Picking – Split Case vs. Full Case Carton Flow Racks

Split Case details:

In split case picking, also referred to as each picking, an SKU is sold at less than full case quantities, which requires order pickers to individually select the product out of a master carton or case. These systems should be designed to increase access to the tops of cartons and minimize vertical clearances—this can be achieved by using tilted trays, add-on trays, and/or knuckle track to improve visibility and reduce strain on workers. A staggered or layback design can also be employed to use multiple track lengths, with the longest on the bottom and gradually shorter tracks as the system builds up.

Full Case details:

In case picking, the product is picked in full carton or case quantities from a variety of storage mediums. Generally, medium to slow moving products are picked from carton flow lanes with speed and accuracy. Once workers pick the product, they usually pick the item to a tote, pallet, cart or conveyor. As the order picker travels the aisles selecting the appropriate product SKU, orders are gathered and prepared for shipping.

Roller Types:

  • Staggered Wheel / Roller Bed
  • Steel Wheels
  • Aluminum Rollers
  • Steel Rollers