Cantilever Racks Designed To Product Requirements

Accommodate various product lengths, weights, and sizes.

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Cantilever Racks Designed To Product Requirements

Our cantilever racking systems can accommodate various product lengths, weights, and sizes

Cantilever Racks are incredibly effective when it comes to storing products of various sizes that are long and cumbersome—such as lumber, piping, tubing, sheet metal, carpet, or furniture. If you’re looking to achieve better product accessibility, or you need to add on to an existing cantilever rack system, let 1Stop help design a Cantilever Racking system tailored to your warehouse!

Cantilever Racks can be designed to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements for products that have various unwieldy lengths, sizes, and weights. Cantilever Racking provides complete openness with no interference from upright columns, which allows for easier and more convenient access to products for removal and replenishment. There is no restriction when designing Cantilever Racks, which means we can design the column centers and bases to meet your specific length and capacity needs.

Many individual cantilever rack components are available—such as arms, uprights, bases and cross braces—which may be interchangeable with your existing cantilever rack system. Cantilever uprights are punched on both sides for adaptability and can be used for single-sided or double-sided storage, depending upon the size of the cantilever base being used. It’s imperative to state that you can never install arms on both sides when using a single-based cantilever upright, as a double-based cantilever upright is required for utilizing arms on both sides.

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Cantilever Rack Options:

  • Available in structural or roll formed
  • Structural cantilever systems apply a bolted connection from the arm to the upright column, and structural cantilever is typically used for heavy-duty storage applications and also roof-supported buildings, which are common in the lumber industry
  • Roll-formed cantilever systems use a bracket pin connection from the arm to the upright column, which allows for quick and easy arm adjustability
  • Ability to design a single-sided or double-sided section of cantilever in a length as long as required to best utilize your space
  • Cantilever arm lengths for storage depths range from 24” to 72” long per shelf level and are adjustable vertically on 3” to 4” centers
  • Arms are available in both light-duty and heavy-duty capacity styles, and arms can be ordered in several different slopes
  • Cantilever upright heights are usually determined on arm loading and arm length but can reach heights of 25’-feet or higher
  • Cantilever arms can be designed to accept decking, such as wire mesh decks, plywood platforms, or specialized steel decking as required

Cantilever Racking Advantages:

  • Cantilever rack storage allows for enhanced product accessibility and selectivity, with instant access to one piece or a full product load
  • Cantilever provides much greater down-aisle density
  • Full range of sizes and loading capacities are available based upon your storage needs and requirements
  • Easy installation and reconfiguration of support arms

Cantilever Rack Applications:

  • Storage of long and bulky items such as PVC piping, furniture, carpet, lumber, sheet metal, or even salvaged cars
  • Ideal for lumber yards, furniture stores, electrical and plumbing supply warehouses, or municipal and power supply facilities

Think that Cantilever Rack might be the right choice for you, check out some of the Storage Guidelines. Need more information about Cantilever Rack for your warehouse? Please fill out this form and fax or e-mail it back to us. We also carry a wide selection of Pallet Rack systems on our online shop

Cantilever Racks can save you money by ensuring the most proficient use of space available. Let 1 Stop Rack Services help facilitate the process of planning, installing, and supplying your Cantilever Rack system to increase product accessibility as well as down-aisle density. Don’t wait, contact us today so you can improve your facilities throughput with cantilever rack storage to help keep profits climbing higher! Contact 1 Stop to have a phone consultation with one of our material handling experts at 855-748-9338! ​Need more information for Cantilever Rack for your warehouse? Please fill out this form and e-mail or fax it back to us. Cantilever Rack Data Sheet