Our Beverage Storage Systems Provide Solutions To Your Warehouse’s Space Restrictions.

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Beverage Storage Systems That Enhance Your Warehouse’s Space To Make It More Efficient

We offer storage solutions for beverage distributors that want to rectify space constraints without moving their operation to a new building

Our beverage storage systems provide solutions to many of the problems beverage distributors and manufacturers face. The beverage industry is up against many challenging demands due to the enormous growth of so many different types of SKUs that were launched over the past 5 years and are continuously growing every day. Whether you are a beverage manufacturer or beverage distributor of beer, wine, spirits, or soft drinks, the challenges of managing and storing inventories have become more complicated. So what do these beverage industry challenges look like? Well, warehouse managers and owners are challenged to either find more space or better utilize existing space in their warehouses or coolers.

At 1 Stop, we encourage our beverage customers to let us look within their existing space and help them come up with a more efficient storage solution instead of expanding or moving to a new building, as expansions or moves can often cause even greater challenges and be very costly.

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Disadvantages to expansions or moves:

  • Trying to stay in operation and continue to do business while making this massive change
  • The extra cost of renting or purchasing a new building
  • The cost of possibly carrying the old building for a period of time until sold or rented
  • Possible HR issues, as employees may have to travel longer distances to work
  • Costs of moving the entire operation to a new location and dealing with permits, and in many cases, the current racking system will not meet the new code requirements

As you can see, moving is the last resort unless you have exhausted all avenues

Challenges faced by beverage distributors:

  • Space constraints
  • Floor space being cluttered
  • Product disorganized
  • Inefficiencies in order picking
  • Inventory count errors
  • Missed deliveries
  • Safety issues

Advantages of “optimizing” existing footprint in your beverage warehouse or cooler:

  • Eliminate expensive construction or moving costs
  • Design a rack storage system to best utilize existing space
  • Free up floor space and get SKUs into organized racking systems
  • More efficient order picking, resulting in dollar savings
  • Reduce labor costs dramatically, as less pickers required
  • Easy to find inventory, which speeds up inventory counts
  • Safer and cleaner work environment for order pickers
  • Flexibility and diversity, as racks configured to accommodate a variety of SKUs

If we cannot find enough space and a comprehensive solution to your existing warehouse space, as ceiling heights are often only 15’-18’ high, then we can also provide another solution—which is to lift the roof up from 18’ high to 40’ high. This roof lifting option can be done very quickly and more efficiently than moving to another location. Call us to discuss this option at 855-748-9338.

Types of Racking Systems used to solve challenges faced by beverage distributors:

  • Selective Racking – good choice for flexibility and easy access to full pallets.
  • Push Back Racking – excellent choice, as provides both selectivity and dense storage.
  • Carton Flow (Case Flow) – exceptional choice that allows product to be continuously presented to the order picker.
  • Keg Flow Rack Systems – perfect solution for organizing and accommodating storage of all keg sizes and shapes. Easily organizes microbrews and slow movers.
  • Pallet Flow – ideal option for storing fast moving product, as provides FIFO stock rotation.

Combinations of above racking systems commonly used in beverage storage:

  • Carton/Case Flow being utilized for the lower levels with Selective Rack above
  • Carton/Case Flow being utilized for lower levels with Push Back Lanes above
  • Keg Flow Rack with Selective Rack beam levels above
  • Keg Flow Rack with Push Back Rack lanes above

We understand that beverage facilities are constantly adding new SKUs, which can result in a big storage challenge, as buildings remain the same size. We can help to ensure that your business has an efficient and space-saving storage system for both storing and moving your products. Every rack system is customized to meet specific requirements and may be fabricated from either roll form or structural steel.

Please click here to read a Case Study on our existing beverage customer in Massachusetts which we helped to solve their “Beer SKU Squeeze”.

Beverage storage systems from 1 Stop offer solutions to your warehouse challenges. We have been successful at helping beverage companies eliminate the need for expansions or moves by evaluating their entire existing operation and finding solutions to effectively store inventory without adding a single inch of new floor space! Contact us today for advice and a consultation on how to improve the efficiencies of your beverage warehouse or cooler. Get in touch now at 855-748-9338!