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We’re here with one of our customers, and we designed a one-sixth keg on the top, so there’s nine across, three down, and then on the bottom we have a shelf for the half barrel. So John is going to show you how easy it is to pull these out. Now that’s a full keg, and he’s doing it with one hand, John.

Weighs about 170 pounds, full keg of beer. The shelf slides in and out very easily. Anybody can do it. Above we have storage for one sixth or we can make this also store quarter kegs. So you can have an option of fitting in here.

One sixth pixels or quarter pixels. And on the bottom of course here we’ve got, going left to right, five slide in shelves for whatever you want to store there, the weld is capable of holding at least 170 to 200 pounds.

So that’s a max of 200 pounds on the slide, so it’s a heavy duty shelf.


And it moves very smoothly. Okay. Nice product.

We can design these here large or whatever your specs are.

Okay, thanks John.

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