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1 Stop was contacted by a customer, whom is a fortune 150 company, in order to help solve a storage challenge. We meet with their entire team to discuss complexities so that we could create a custom push back rack system that would make it easier and more flexible for the operators to place these different pallet sizes onto a newly designed push back cart which would be safer to load and provide much more flexibility while loading multiple pallet types and sizes.

Previous customer challenges were:

  • Operators had problems with wing pallets getting caught up in the system.
  • Landing area was very small and gave operators little room for error, and as a result, pallets were sticking and getting caught up.
  • Could not easily position pallets correctly at higher levels on the Push Back Cart, especially on the third and fourth beam levels
  • Pallets were getting broken.
  • Fork truck operators frustrated and not happy.
  • Management expressing concerns about loading and unloading.

Following our team meeting, we collaborated with our engineers and utilized our 30 years of experience and created a customized push back cart that we believed would solve the customers issues. Provided a concept drawing which the customer signed off on our design and we worked with Advance Storage to manufacturer this custom-designed push back racking system. Upon order the schedule was developed and given to the customer, and then the materials and installation was completed to meet the schedule.

Custom Design Solutions were:

  • Full support cart and track system which provided a much larger landing area for operator to easily place pallet.
  • Back stop welded onto cart which gives operator a guide to know when the pallet are in place, which then allows for easy placement of all pallets
  • Smooth push back flow.
  • Elimination of pallet hang ups.

During the installation process, the most important provisioning was when the operators arrived to do the testing of loading the system with the problematic pallets while accompanied by union executive. We watched patiently for about 20 minutes and were very happy to see the operator smile with satisfaction and more importantly that smile extended to the union executive.

In conclusion we had a happy team of fork truck operators, union members and the management team. It was a good day for all of us!

If you have a challenge with your warehouse storage and need help, please call the team at 1 Stop Material as we are always available to help.

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