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When you think of pallet rack, the image that initially jumps to mind is that of free standing racking systems within a conventional steel framed warehouse building. You can see the racks reaching almost to your warehouse ceiling with your goods and supplies neatly organized in row after row. While this is the most common utilization for storage racking, in some instances it is far superior to have your rack built right into the structure of your facility.

Rack supported structures are complete storage rack systems. The rack itself makes the frame, supports and essentially the skeleton of the building or warehouse. This is then covered to protect your operation from the elements with what is referred to in the industry as “skin.” Because you do not have to construct your warehouse building and then install rack (with both steps inclusive for rack supported structures) they are substantially less expensive for initial investment costs as well as having quicker installation times.


  • Less initial investment in construction
  • Less time to install
  • Greatly increased vertical storage capabilities, since whatever type of rack you need will reach all the way to the ceiling. Moreover the taller your rack supported structure is the less expensive it becomes in comparison to conventional structural steel frame building.
  • Less floor spaced utilized this is especially tempting when land acreage is at a premium.


  • Racking configurations are built into the structure thus cannot be rearranged later. Moreover rack supported structures cannot easily be retrofitted in the future for alternative purposes.
  • Works best in facilities that are strictly for storage purposes. If other business processes or manufacturing procedures occur in your facility, rack supported structures may not be the solution for you.
  • Weather, especially wind or snow, and seismic conditions are crucial factors in the design and implementation of any rack supported structure.

As with all racking installations, each scenario is different and particular requirements lend themselves more easily to certain solutions. It is important to carefully evaluate all your options when selecting to correct storage solution for your facility. If you have any questions regarding any type of racking including rack supported structures, please call 1 Stop Rack Services and we will gladly help you in any way we can to find your ideal storage solution.